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Philosophy - Yoga is the ancient to union. It is the track that leads those who take long journey to that which is beyond space and time. Admittedly, in the West it has mainly turned into a glorified latex-clad aerobics, and yet its magic - its ability to transform one beyond better curves and ease of minds is taking the world by storm. This section explores some of the rich and wondrous cyber repositories of information and ideas which yoga encompass and promote.

Styles & Teachers - So abundantly different styles, so very many teachers. What to choose and whom to trust? Here, you can find some information that hopefully can illuminate which is which, what is what, and whom is whom. The teachers chosen here have many years of experience, and shed light in their own special way on this vast domain.

South East Asia has been blessed by a booming explosion of yoga in the last 15 years. It is no longer necessary to go to Hawaii or Bali to retreat with amazing teachers - they love coming here! Some of them have even settled in the area. This section provides links on centers and retreat-spaces/workshops in the countries surrounding Cambodia, and little bit beyond...


Yoga unites or integrates the body with the mind. This integration is the foundation for Self-realization.

Georg Feuerstein