Planet Earth
Ethical Business

Fair Trade can be considered any exchange in which all stake-holders (participants) involved are getting a fair deal. Too often, globalization has lead to affluent consumers paying bargain prices for goods manufactures by poor laborers for exploitation wages. In Fair Trade, the manufacturer/seller guarantees that those who spent their time and efforts creating the product or service on offer, has been paid at a level that is reasonable to their efforts and considerate of the economic context in which they live. The links below explore some of the concepts behind, as well as present a list of interesting and unique sites who promote this style of business.

Banking & Investment - "Money makes the world go around", but nowadays it seems to spin the world out of control. Unlike the usual debt-ridden crippling economical model driven by corporations, this section explores links which promote a financial culture which enhances environmental, and is aimed at sustainable development and social responsibility.

Leadership is often confused with the power to control, but more than any faculty in our modern lives it is the missing link that could resolve and harmonize the chaos of mounting threats and upheavals of the day. This section explores what does good leadership entails, where should it take us and samples the very many ways by which courageous women and man are taking the steps forward.


But, to achieve the marvelous, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.

Tom Robbins, 'Jitterbug Perfume'