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South-East Asia - Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Burma - A collection of links to places and teachers in the region.

Philosophy - Buddhadasa bhikkhu, the venerable monk who founded Suan Mok in South Thailand, was once asked to define Buddhism. He said that if one can apply two principles to a concept - that it can be experience by oneself (as opposed to being told so); that it leads to the secession of suffering - well, than it is Buddhism. This section explores some of the many (many!) websites dedicated to Buddhist philosophy, principles and texts, which have been chosen specifically for their clarity and encompassing nature.

Network - Other links to Buddhist sites, which are worthy of exploring, connecting and sharing.


Suffering is the result of ignorance… and ignorance in essence, is the belief in a truly existing self and in the solidity of phenomenon.

M. Ricard, ‘The Monk and the Philosopher’