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Principles (Pantheism) is the Sanskrit term for Non-Dualism. It is a branch of Indian philosophy which has become quite popular in the west and is falsely perceived as the lazy person's way to enlightment - 'All is one, and so there is nothing to do…' But under the right guidance it is a profound model of awareness and is useful in understanding our interconnectedness. This section links some of the websites which explains and illuminate the beauty of it all.

Sages & Seers is an exploration of the different teachers that have come and gone in our midst. The teachers here are of many streams and schools, and offer an insight into the richness that consciousness is, and the magnificent depth o the human mind.

Satsang is a Sanskrit term that means 'sitting with the truth' - here you will find websites and homepages of teachers who are available and teaching at present.


Wisdom teaches me I am nothing
Love teaches me I am everything
Between these two poles, my life flows

Sri Nisargadatha Maharaj, 'I Am That'